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Custom Jewelry

A Michael Ross creation is unique and timelessly elegant. The originality of your custom creation is unsurpassed by any other jewelry manufacturer. The attention to detail put into each Michael Ross creation makes every piece of jewelry a one-of-a-kind art creation.

We specialize in a design technique known as Cad Jewelry Design. This process starts with an idea that a designer draws by hand on paper. This extremely detailed drawing is then converted from a flat image into a 3D computer model. From there the scanned image is replicated by a computer, and all components of the design are laid out for construction. Then the designer begins work on the actual creation of the jewelry. This is a meticulous, step-by-step process. Each piece must be constructed and then placed together to create the finished product. An extremely high level of attention to detail is needed to complete this process and ensure the perfection of the finished product.  We think you’ll agree that the results are worth the effort!